About Us

Wilkinson Erosion Control Ltd.  was started in the 1986 by  Paul and Elliot Wilkinson in response to severe lakefront erosion  problems along the Lake Erie shoreline. The family cottage at Peacock  Point, Ontario  had experienced insidious encroachment of the lake since  the early 1970's through a combination of high water levels and storm  driven wave scour.  This prompted the matriarch of the family, Ruth  Wilkinson to seek a contractor to provide shoreline protection.  Local  excavating contractors were approached but shoreline protection was not  high on their list of priorities so a plan was developed to procure the  materials through the family owned precast concrete manufacturing  company, transport them to the site using company crane trucks and  construct the gravity based retaining wall at the base of the bluff  using a independently contracted excavating company.  The resulting wall  was so successful in protecting the property during the December storms  of 1985 that the neighbours approached us to construct a wall for them.   A review of the economics of the installation and the obvious enormous  demand for the service encouraged us to purchase a brand new excavator  and start into business in April of 1986.  We have continued to provide  shoreline protection services continually since then, incorporating  updated materials and methods of installation.  Wilkinson Erosion  Control Ltd. has grown to provide in addition to our specialty,  lakefront shoreline protection, general excavating services, sale and  distribution of Stelco produced slag products, and precast concrete  manufacturing.  Our precast concrete operation operates out of our yard  at 79 Haldimand Road 55, Nanticoke, Ontario, a former ready mix concrete  facility, and produces traffic control products such as 'jersey'  barriers, utility vaults and retaining wall blocks.  Elliot Wilkinson, a  business graduate of McGill University and University of Western  Ontario manages yard based operations and administrative duties while  Paul Wilkinson is contracting operations supervisor. 

Wilkinson Erosion Control Ltd. operates with a core contingent of 3 employees and maintains various pieces of equipment suitable to completing its services.