Precast Concrete Products

Traffic Control

Concrete sign post bases in various sizes assist with traffic control and public announcements.  Portable for temporary or permanent use.  Just add your own sign. 

Jersey Barriers

Available in various lengths and heights these barriers keep vehicular and pedestrian traffic flowing as directed. Also good for protecting vulnerable equipment.

Utility Vaults

Designed for underground utiliies,  these mutiple sectioned vaults offer a range of uses.

Retaining Wall Blocks and Steps

Simulated cut stone casting adds a decorative touch to your heavy duty retaining wall.  Matching steps allow for built in access through retaining wall or can be used on their own. 


Designed to dissipate wave energy at 2 tonnes each they are also good for denying vehicular access to prohibited areas.

Custom Precast

Shown are custom precast panels with shiplap joints for revetment style shoreline protection.

Custom Precast

Various precast items made to customer's specifications.

Standard Blocks

Various block sizes and weights from 1 ton to 5 tons available.  Call for pricing.


Delivery and off-loading of most concrete products available.

World Headquarters

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